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Prodes is a mexican company founded in 2002 and dedicated to manufacture of frozen and dried fruits. Our facilities are located in the city of Zamora, state of Michoacán, in the western part of the country. The area is renowned for the production of high-quality strawberries that are exported to the entire world. Climatic characteristics of this privileged area allow the production of a wide variety of fruits. Our operations are conducted under a quality system to assure the innocuously of our products and taking care to preserve its physical and nutritional qualities.


To maintain a close relationship with the mexican countryside by contributing our knowledge and technology, in addition to training and giving our suppliers full support aiming to obtain the best fruit and provide our customers with the highest quality in all of our products.




To be a global food company, leader in the fruit market, as a result of a continuous improvement of the technology of our processes, and providing our customers and consumers with products made with the best manufacturing practices, using natural ingredients and preserving their nutritional value.


We are capable to produce 40 tons of frozen products per day and up to 100 tons of dehydrated products monthly.


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